Bonding Bootcamp - Rabbit Registration Form

Your Details

About Your Rabbit

Vaccination History

It is a requirement that your rabbits are fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2

They therefore either need:

  • Myxo-RHD and Filavac (Two Vaccines)
  • Myxo-RHD and Eravac (Two Vaccines)
  • Myxo-RHD Plus (Single Vaccine)

Please tick each vaccination your rabbit has had in the last 12 months.

Dietary Needs

The Importance of Hay

Rabbits should eat mainly hay (approx. 80-90% of their diet). It is important we understand your rabbit's preferences well so we can fully encourage healthy consumption of hay.

Additional Details

We want to provide your rabbit with the best possible care. Please do provide us with any additional details you feel may be relevant to their stay with us, which may include any additional health or behavioural traits, or your experience so far with bonding attempts.

Bonding Bootcamp Agreement & Declaration

I, the undersigned, hereby agree to my rabbit(s) partaking in bonding activities within Beloved Rabbits’ premises.

I understand that Beloved Rabbits will supervise various activities in order to facilitate the safe and successful bonding of my rabbit(s) and my chosen rabbit(s) for adoption. The liability for ensuring the rabbits’ health and wellbeing remains my sole responsibility.

Beloved Rabbits will endeavour to act in the rabbits best interests at all times, including appropriate bed & boarding for the rabbits. Whilst all precautions will be made to prevent illness or injury, I accept that the nature of bonding activities may result in unpreventable injury and hereby authorise Beloved Rabbits to seek urgent emergency veterinary care and to take appropriate action upon the advice of a qualified veterinarian, whilst ensuring that I am kept up-to-date with progress, events or concerns.

I hereby authorise Beloved Rabbits or their chosen Veterinary Surgeon to request and receive veterinary records relating to the aforementioned rabbits in the course of providing veterinary care.

Bonding & Boarding will commence from the date of my confirmed Bonding Bootcamp appointment, and is expected to complete within 7-14 days. A representative from Beloved Rabbits will keep you informed at all times and will confirm return arrangements nearer the time.


Suggested Donation

Beloved Rabbits provide rabbit welfare services in keeping with the organisation’s charitable aims and in the interests of the welfare of all rabbits within our care.

All associated costs for the care, treatment and preparation of rabbits for adoption are assumed by Beloved Rabbits. Veterinary care alone will typically cost £120 per rabbit, with costs associated with additional treatment and day-to-day care expenses raising significantly beyond this.

As such, we operate a suggested donation policy, to help adopters assess an appropriate level of donation in relation to the charity’s bonding & adoption activities.

Bonding Bootcamp – Pair Bonding (2 rabbits) £70
Bonding Bootcamp – Group Bonding (3 or more rabbits) £100
Bonding Bootcamp in conjunction with an adoption £110

You will be provided donation payment options on completion of the Bonding Bootcamp session.