Adoption Application

Application Type

Please indicate the type of application you are submitting.

For most applicants, a Standard Adoption will be the most appropriate. This will allow you to apply to permanently adopt rabbit(s) from us.

Our Cuddle Companions application is intended for owners who are looking for long-term company for a lonely or elderly rabbit, but are not in a position to commit to a new rabbit permanently. Cuddle Companion rabbits can be returned to Beloved Rabbits in future when the timing is appropriate.

About You

Your Household

Your rabbits are part of the family, and we need to understand who else is at home to ensure that any adopted rabbits will be comfortable. For example, some of our rabbits may not be suitable for homes with young children.

Please provide details of the number of people in your home against the following categories:

Existing Pets

Rabbit Environment

We will be asking for detailed descriptions, dimensions and photographs of your setup to assess them for suitability against our requirements.

Sheltered (Living) Space

As part of the overall environment, it is important that the rabbits have access to a sheltered/protected living space at all times.

Exercise Space

Security & Protection from Weather and Predators

Helping Your Rabbit Feel Safe & Protected

Photo Evidence

We require photo evidence to help support the descriptions you have offered above.

The Rabbits You Would Like To Adopt

To help find the right match for you and any existing rabbits, we'd like to understand what you're looking for from your new rabbits

Adoption Application


I can confirm that I have read and understood the Living and Exercise requirements as detailed here.

I confirm that my proposed environment for the rabbits provides a minimum of 60 sq ft (6 sq. m) of combined space, and that it provides adequate shelter, stimulation and protection from predators and weather.

I confirm that the main carer of the rabbits is over the age of 16, and that no members of the household have been banned from owning animals under the Animal Welfare Act.

I confirm that all existing and future rabbits, within my care are vaccinated annually to protect against Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2, unless exempted by my veterinarian on medical grounds. I understand that I may be asked to provide evidence of vaccination for any existing rabbits within my care.

I confirm I have no planned changes in the foreseeable future that would prevent me from providing the correct levels of care for my rabbits, or that may change the conditions in which they are kept.

I confirm I have the permission of the homeowner to own and house my rabbits in the premises at the address provided.


Social Media Consent

Our foster carers and supporters love to hear updates about rabbits settling into their new homes and families. If you are comfortable sharing videos and photographs, would it be ok for us to share these with our volunteer team, website and social media users as appropriate?