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Previously Adopted?

As part of our adoption agreement we ask adopters to return rabbits to us if circumstances change such as they can no longer provide the levels of care required.

As such, we will prioritise any rabbits previously adopted from Beloved Rabbits (or Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care) as part of our ongoing duty of care for all rabbits that have been within our care.

Reason For Rehoming

To help prioritise the many requests received, we ask you to provide as honest an account of your circumstances as possible so we can balance the welfare needs of the rabbits with the spaces we have available within the rescue.

Bonding Support Services

Did you know we offer Bonding Support Services, and may be able to help you successfully bond your rabbits?

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Cuddle Companions

Have you considered a new buddy for your rabbit?

We understand that not everyone is in a position to continuously commit to the cycle of finding a new buddy for their rabbit when their buddy has passed away. But as we also know that companionship is essential for rabbits we offer our Cuddle Companions as part of our adoptions service.

With a Cuddle Companion you can adopt a new companion for your existing rabbit to ensure they have the company they need and deserve for the remainder of their life without having to surrender your rabbit. Then, when your original rabbit passes, you are able to return their Cuddle Companion to us here at Beloved Rabbits.

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About Your Rabbits

Number Of Rabbits To Be Surrendered

How many rabbits do you require help with?

Vaccination Status

To help Beloved Rabbits protect against Myxomatosis and RHD risks, we ensure all rabbits are fully vaccinated.

To help us understand whether we require to vaccinate the rabbits on arrival, or if they are already protected, please indicate here the vaccination status of your rabbits.

Prior to surrendering your rabbits, you will be asked to provide evidence of vaccinations if these have already been administered whilst the rabbits are within your care.

Rabbits must be vaccinated using Myxo-RHD & Filavac, Myxo-RHD & Eravac or Myxo-RHD PLUS, and the vaccine must have been administered more than 3 weeks ago and less than 12 months ago.

If your rabbits are not vaccinated, we can arrange to do this for you at the time of surrendering them to the rescue, without charge. However, dependent on vaccine stock availability, we may need to postpone or cancel the entry of rabbits into the rescue if we do not have vaccine stock available to administer vaccine for rabbits upon arrival.

See for more details.

Your Rabbits Environment

Understanding your rabbits current living circumstances will help us in understanding your rehoming needs and prioritising available space based on the rabbit welfare needs of all requests.

You can also supplement the description of your rabbits environment by uploading photos to support your rehoming request.

Please select the statements below that apply (you may select more than one):

Rehoming Assistance Programme

Depending on circumstances and priority, it can take several weeks or months before suitable space becomes available within our foster care network.

In the meantime to assist with your needs and increase the chances of finding a new home for your rabbit(s), our Rehoming Assistance Programme offers an additional option to find a new home for your rabbits as quickly as possible.

For many people this may be a quicker way for us to find a new home for your rabbit(s).

Find out more about how our Rehoming Assistance Programme could help you.

Supporting Photos

It can sometimes be helpful to us if you can provide any recent photographs of the rabbits you are looking to rehome. If you would like to provide photos please use the options below: