RSPCA Cornwall Unwanted animal form

Form for the general public to notify us of an unwanted animal.

RSPCA Cornwall Branch - ANIMAL INTAKE REGISTRATION FORM. This form is for owners who can no longer keep their animal and wish to notify us of their intention to surrender the animal to the RSPCA's care. You may also use this form for strays which are not injured or sick. - Please give us as much information as possible and be as truthful as possible. Truthful answers will not affect the animal's chances of coming in to us, but will improve the chances of fixing any issues and finding a home. - Please give us as many phone numbers as possible as well as an email address which you monitor. We can only make a certain number of attempts to reach you, after which we will remove the animal from the list. - Please inform us if you have rehomed the animal. - Please also do not use this form more than once per animal. For multiple animals, please complete a form per pet. This is since the answers may be different for each animal and your form will attach to the animal's record.

Thank you for completing this form. What happens next: the details are on our waiting list which we review constantly. Staff will be in touch once space becomes vacant. There is no need to call us. Please be aware that there will be other animals ahead of yours on the list, we also prioritise animals from our inspectorate work as well. As we do not put animals to sleep in order to make room for new ones, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of how long it may be before we can intake animals. You can increase the speed with which we can take the animal in, by ensuring your animal is fully up to date with vaccinations (any vet can advise you what these are) as vaccinated animals are easier to place within additional locations in the Centre. Thank you